Review: Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand

Title: Barefoot
Author: Elin Hilderbrand
Pages: 432 pages
Publisher: Back Bay Books (June 9, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0316018597

From Publishers Weekly
Hilderbrand’s sixth novel heaps on the trauma as a substitute for realistic connection in this heady mix of beach house, cancer, affair and mom lit. Connecticut housewife Vicki, diagnosed with lung cancer, has packed up her two kids for a chemo-commuting summer at the family’s Nantucket cabin; sister Brenda, a newly minted high-powered assistant professor, has just been fired for having an affair with one of her students; Vicki’s best friend, Melanie, newly pregnant, has discovered her husband is cheating. The three hit the tarmac of the tiny island airport, where they run into home-for-the-summer Middlebury senior Josh Flynn, who has a summer job there that he hates. Hardened cliché Brenda pines for her stereotypically weathered Australian lover. Melanie is a chronic complainer until she romances grim aspiring writer Josh, whom she has run into again and brought on as the house babysitter. (Josh thinks his old girlfriend should “locate her center” and “operate from a place of security.”) Of the three women, only the suffering, stubborn Vicki, who keeps a list of “Things That No Longer Mattered” and cries when she can’t seduce her visiting husband, draws readerly sympathy. There are some tender moments in Hilderbrand’s latest beacher, but others are as irritating as sand in your swimsuit.
My Review
Overall, this book took me a while to get through. It wasn’t overly exciting and it was another book about a person with cancer. I have read a number of books lately about cancer victims/survivors. I rate this book – 3 = Okay / An average book.
Happy Reading!
Jen C






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